Learning amplified

Real-time insights into student understanding through interactive lessons and videos, gamification, and activities — get all in your platform in 5 minutes.

Perfect Solution Thriving Digital Learning

Our mission is to make teaching easier with the interactive tools, resources, and widgets teachers need, all in one place. We provide you the best technology at the most affordable price.

Make learning immersive and engaging

Learning can be an amazing experience. We load you with all the tools to make learing a fun and fast.

Interactive learning

Keep your learners engaged with our custom made interactive learning widgets.


Keep your learners motivated with badges, rewards etc, built on the top of most advanced researches on learner psychology.


Don't let your learners feel socially isolated. Let them jam and engage with each other. Communnity always wins together.

Analytics & reporting

Automate all reporting and communication, sit back and relax. You don't need to collect manual feedbacks anymore.

Quick & Easy to

Integrate into your existing video platform, or host your video with us. It only take 5 minutes.

Add value to your business from day 1

Our feature set is desgined to reduce your business cost and increase LTV of your learners

Improved experience

With our AI driven adaptive learning, learners can learn faster with less effort.

Earn trust

Our automated reporting and analytics keeps the whole process transparent and trustworthy.

Social engagement

Community always wins. Give your learners best community experience and keep them engaged.

Reduced operations

Get automated performance reports for all instructors, learners and parents.